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Cheap Hair Loss Fiber Concealer – Low Cost Cheap Alternative To Caboki And Toppik

July 24th, 2012

How To Hide Baldness Cheaply With Natural Hair Fibers You Sprinkle On Your Head

Hair-so-Real is virtually identical in color, and performance to Caboki as far as Dark Brown is concerned.  It’s assumed the other colors would have the same results, and color comparison.  Both products are better than Toppik which seems to be more grainy in nature.  You can get 28 grams of Hair-so-Real at Amazon for only $17.98 + Free Shipping.  Unfortunately for whatever reason the only color they don’t have is dark brown which is why I ended up ordering Hair So Real from another site that only charged $15.50 + Free Shipping.  The shipping was super fast by US Mail. Now compare that with the 25 gram bottle of Caboki which is currently $39.95 + $1.99 for shipping.  Also that 28 grams amazingly fills two empty Caboki bottles which means they’re shooting some air in with their hair fibers so you’re probably not really getting 25 grams.  They also don’t fill the container all the way to the top like Hair So Real.  With Hair So Real you get you get double your money’s worth!  Seriously this stuff isn’t made of gold folks, and it can get expensive if you’re really trying to cover a lot of hair loss.  Why should only the wealthy get to have a full head of hair?  It’s ridiculous how most hair concealers are so expensive for no real reason.  Frankly I think a little jar of hair fibers should only be $5.00!  This is an honest review from my own personal experience.  The Amazon link will earn me a bit of money if you buy from there.  However the other links earn me nothing and you can also do a Google search to buy these products elsewhere.  I just think people should realize that there’s no reason to pay $40 or more for a tiny jar of what amounts to basically static clinging cloth fibers.  You’ve got nothing to lose giving Hair-so-Real a try for only $15-$17.   Indeed Hair So Real are the lowest cost hair loss fibers available on the internet as of the publishing of this article.  For that rock bottom price you get an amazingly excellent high quality hair loss concealer.  All the products mentioned on this page do a great job of hiding minor to extensive baldness!  Of course you do need some real hair to work with. Reply to this post with any questions you might have.