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Proactiv® Acne Treatment Kit
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A non-surgical face-lift by Leigh Valentine.

Getting older is inevitable. Fight the physical effects of aging with the Distinction™ Non-Surgical Face-Lift Kit. In a few weeks you can bring back the youthful-looking face you once knew. This easy 3-step system starts working immediately to lift, tone and bring elasticity back to aging skin.


• Non-Surgical Face-Lift Powder (1.25 oz. or 37 g) Formulated to help tighten and tone facial skin.
• Blue Peel Non-Surgical Face-Lift Activator (2 fl oz. or 29 ml)

This new, state-of-the-art formula has been designed to activate the Non-Surgical Face-Lift Powder. Alpha hydroxy acid has been added to naturally exfoliate dry, dead skin cells. This system gently exercises, tightens and tones facial and neck skin. You should see results after the first application.

• Firmalift™ (1 fl oz. or 29 ml)


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