Ab Swing®
Now is your Chance to Swing Your Way to Beautiful Defined Sexy Abs!
Bun and Thigh Max
The effective way to
firmer, sexier buns!
Inversion Table
Revitalizing exercise for health and fitness as well as relief from back pain!
Medicus® Dual 2000 - Golf Club
The best selling golf training aid ever!
OrbiTrek Exerciser
An elliptical trainer that simulates the body's natural movements for a comfortable and effective cardiovascular workout.
Smart Abs
Get smart with the Smart Abs system
Total Gym 2000®
An upgrade to the original Total Gym 1000®, this version features a larger glide board and sustains a heavier user weight .
Total Gym 3000®
This version features chrome upper rails, steel open-grip handles thicker board padding.

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