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The Firm
Guaranteed visible results in 10 workouts.


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Winsor exercise videos - sculpt and tone your body while giving you a low-intensity, calorie-burning workout.

The FIRM® Body Sculpting System


Guaranteed Visible Resultsİ in 10 workouts.

With the FIRM® Body Sculpting System you no longer have to shy away from working out with weights. This complete fitness system teaches you how to properly incorporate weights into your workout. Working out with weights doesn't mean you have to bulk up or look like a muscle builder. Adding light weights to your cardiovascular workout will sculpt and tone your body. All you have to do is increase the number of repetitions. Increasing your lean muscle mass will boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories than ever before.

What do I get?
• Cardio Sculpt - 55 mins.
• Body Sculpt - 45 mins.
• Ab Sculpt - 25 mins.
• Fanny Lifter® - 6 inch
• Fanny Lifter® - 8 inch
• 30-Day Rotation Guide
• Instructors' "Secrets to Success"
• 30 day money back guarantee

The FIRM® benefits:
• Rebuilds the muscle and strength you lose with aging.
• Boosts your metabolism and burns more calories.
• Helps fight osteoporosis by building stronger bones.

The FIRM® Body Sculpting System:

• Cardio Sculpt Video (55 mins.) Master FIRM® Instructor Allie Del Rio combines cardiovascular training with body sculpting exercises in this high energy, fat burning and muscle shaping video.

• Body Sculpt Video (45 mins.) Master FIRM® Instructor Jennifer Carman helps you sculpt and tone your whole body, increasing your strength and defining shapely muscles.

• Ab Sculpt Video (25 mins.) Master FIRM® Instructor Lisa Kay combines a fun mix of exercises designed to strengthen, tone and stretch abdominal and back muscles to help you flatten and define your midsection.

• 3-in-1 Fanny Lifter® An integral part of the FIRM® Body Sculpting System. Use the 6-inch or 8-inch Fanny Lifter® on their own or combine them to make a 14-inch Fanny Lifter®. When used with the FIRM® videos, the Fanny Lifter® will actually lift your fanny and help you sculpt strong, lean legs.

• 30-Day Rotation Guide An informative manual that outlines the unique FIRM® method. It includes the 30-Day Rotation Calendar, which shows you which FIRM® video to use throughout the week.

• Instructors' "Secrets to Success" This book encourages you to get in shape and stay in shape with a look at how the FIRM® Master Instructors do it.

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