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Ab Swing®
Now is your Chance to Swing Your Way to Beautiful Defined Sexy Abs!


OrbiTrek Exerciser
An elliptical trainer that simulates the body's natural movements for a comfortable and effective cardiovascular workout.

Smart Abs

Get smart with the Smart Abs system

Get trim abs quickly without crash dieting spending hours in the gym. Smart Abs is designed to flatten your abs and burn fat in the smartest, fastest easiest way. The unique auto-glide system is the secret to provide constant ab firming, fat burning resistance in one easy motion. Get those great looking abs while watching TV!

What do I get?
• Smart Abs system
• 20 minute training video
• 30 day money back guarantee

• Sculpts, chisels, and strengthens upper and lower abdominals and obliques.
• Target all 4 abdominal groups in 2 min a day.
• Unique auto-glide system.
• Seven levels of resistance.
• Training video included to help you get started.

With the Smart Abs System you'll lose ten pounds and two inches in just two weeks or your money back. With crunches you lift 1/3 of your body weight using unnecessary muscles, and they don't work your abs or obliques. Exercises targeting your obliques don't target the hard to tone lower abs. Only Smart Abs revolutionary design takes you off the floor, transforming sit-ups into more effective crunches targeting all four abdominal groups in just two minutes a day.

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