Total Gym 3000«
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Total Gym 3000®- endorsed by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley.

TotalGym 3000® designed to strengthen and tone, increase muscular strength, aerobic endurance and flexibility, by burning fat and creating muscle in your body. Prepare to look and feel fantastic once you start using the Total Gym 3000® regularly.

An upgrade of the Total Gym 2000®. Featuring chrome upper rails, steel open-grip handles and thicker board padding

The TotalGym 3000® is a complete, easy to use and durable home gym. The latest and most improved Total Gym 3000® will give you a complete work out. It is an easy-to-use durable piece of home exercise equipment that will give you all the major workout options of a gym. It is an effective easy-to-use piece of workout equipment that requires virtually no assembly. All you have to do is take it out of the box!

The TotalGym 3000® is comfortable with higher density foam.

Features of the Total Gym 3000®
Over 60 possible exercises.
• Adjustable incline allows you to use between 6% and 60% of your
body weight for resistance.
• 1000 lbs. Vinyl coated cable
• Rails fold into Ladder and Rollers on Ladders to enable easy storage

What do I get?
• Total Gym 3000®
• 2 Exercise Videos
More Information:
60 possible exercises:
Dips Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
High Butterfly Upper Chest
Low Butterfly: Lower Chest
Pullover Reach Chest, Lats, Triceps
Wrist Curls Forearms, Wrists
Reverse Curls Forearms, Biceps
Press Behind Neck Shoulders, Triceps
Iron Cross Lats, Shoulders, Arms
Tennis Serve Shoulders, Arms, Lats

Lats, Shoulders, Arms

Cross Country Skier Triceps, Shoulders
Long Pull Lats, Shoulders, Biceps
Shrugs Traps
Lat Pull-In Lats, Shoulders, Biceps
Rear Deltoid Raise Rear Shoulder, Triceps
Back Extension Low Back
Reverse Decline Sit-up Abs, Waist
Leg Pull Sit-up Abs, Legs
Incline Sit-up Abs, Waist
Decline Leg Raises Lower Abs
Abdominal Push Upper Abs
Reverse Hip & Thigh Extension Abs, Buttock
Leg Raises Lower Abs
Rowing Variation Upper and Lower Body
Rear Deltoid Unilateral Rear Deltoid
Inversion Stretch Back
Preacher Curls Biceps, Forearms
Side Squat Hips, Thighs
Peak Concentration Curls Biceps
One Leg Side Squat Hips, Thighs
Chin Up Biceps, Lats, Shoulders
Weight Lbs.
Weight Kgs. 39.5
Shipping Dimensions 55 x 21 x 9
Product Dimensions Free Standing: 20"w x 7'6"l x 4'hFolded: 20"w x 8"l x 4'h
Testimonials: "I would recommend the Total Gym 3000« because it is easy to use and takes up minimal room when stored." - Ken

"I would recommend it because it is flexible and easy to use. Top quality!" - Arnie

"My entire family loves the Total Gym 3000«. I used to be an aerobic instructor and exercised on a regular basis. Now I teach elementary school full time and I find I don't have time to get to the gym. The convenience of having this in my home is wonderful!" - Barb


"It's a high quality, well constructed machine. I've used it a couple of months now and enjoy every minute of it." - Mark

"I highly recommend the product; it is really a great exercise device. It's everything you see on TV!" - Thomas

"I love the product!" - Joan

What's the difference between the Total 2000« and Total Gym 3000«? The Total Gym 3000« is an upgrade to the Total Gym 2000«. It features chrome upper rails, steel open-grip handles, and thicker board padding.

How often do I need to use the Total Gym 3000«?
We recommend at least 10 to 20 minutes a day, three times per week. Consistency is the key to physical fitness so sticking to a routine will produce the best results.

What is the maximum weight that the Total Gym 3000« will support?
The maximum user weight the Total Gym 3000« can support is 300 pounds.

How does this machine differ from others?
The Total Gym 3000« enables you to stretch and condition muscles as well as major muscle groups. Using this one machine enables you to get the same benefits you would have received from several different machines.

What are some benefits of using the Total Gym 3000«?
The Total Gym 3000« allows you to work on the three key aspects of good physical fitness: Strength, Flexibility and Aerobic Conditioning. Using this one machine will decrease the amount of time you spend working out on several machines to target those three key areas.

How do I increase or decrease resistance on the Total Gym 3000«?
The incline can be adjusted to increase resistance from as low as 4% of your body weight to as high as 60%. Move effortlessly from strength training to toning in seconds!

Is there a money back guarantee?
Of course! If you're not completely satisfied with your Total Gym 3000«, just send it back within 30 days for a refund. The product also includes a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

What accessories are included?
The Total Gym 3000« comes with a Foot Holder/Pull-up Bar and Squat Stand. It does not come with a Press Up Bar, Dip Bar, Weight Bar or Chin-Up Bar.

Where can I buy the optional Total Gym accessories?
You can go to the manufacturer at or call them at 1-800-321-9236

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