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6-Week Body Makeover
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Get to your weight loss goal - by losing one pound at a time. The 6-Week Body Makeover is a customized eating and exercising program for those of you who are committed to losing weight - one pound at a time. The first step to losing weight is a commitment to a program that's fully customized for you. Once you take the first step you are well on your way to an amazing body and a better outlook on life

1) Fill out the questionnaire: This will help you determine your body     type and key problem areas and takes only about 20 minutes.
2) Follow the Step-by-Step Plan: This guides you by customizing your     eating and body sculpting plans.
We also recommend
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The FIRM® Body Sculpting
effective cardiovascular workout.

Winsor Pilates
It is an exercise system that focuses on improving flexibility and strength without building bulk.


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